Large Sculptures in Steel

ZNSTA, Ziegler Not So Tiny Art is coming alive.  We are making some demonstration pieces in Corten steel.  It was very exciting to lift the first piece vertical.  The photos are from the welding shop at Solid Supports Ltd. The pieces were cut at Laser Equation (Operations) Ltd.   There will be three pieces 4' x 8' high that will be set up as prototypes for a large landscape curtain wall.  The patterns are the same design that we include as a bonus card in the sculpture kits.  Wonderful to see them at a large scale.

The prototypes will be evaluated over the next six months for aesthetics, safety, durability to weather and wind.   We will do a engineering evaluation of the mechanical property of the pieces and their proposed structural support.

November 15 welding the sculpture and adding a base, a creative collaboration with John Gohmann of Solid Supports LTD.