Our Story

James Ziegler, artist and designer, created Ziegler Tiny Art for everyone to experience the fun and joy of creative discovery.  Since graduating from the University of Calgary in Fine Arts, James has made tools and toys for creative minds.  ZTA, his latest offering, is easy for everyone from 5 to 95 to creatively play. 

The laser cut paper models are made from a fine quality art board with long grain fiber and solid dyes.   The paper is sourced from Europe and comes from a sustainable forestry.  James designs and cuts the patterns on a laser machine in his studio shop. Implicit in the 2d geometric patterns are repeating shapes and linear relationships that will open up to many different possibilities and intrinsically aesthetic outcomes.

The patterns offered here are the some of the same patterns that are used for maquettes  to make larger metal sculptures. James loves what he does and his greatest joy is seeing the delight in others when they connect with their own inner creative spirit. 

James Ziegler, creator of ZAKS, Jambu, PolyPuzzle and Ziegler Tiny Art